Wednesday, December 31, 2008

We got naughty and nice covered...

Saturday, December 27, 2008

I hope this is what our future laundry room will look like.

Go to If you like this kind of thing, it will blow your mind.

Another nice philco.
I have this idea that we can start hot rodding fridges. I'll put bigger compressors in them, increase the diameter of the freon lines, and put huge evaporative coils with electric fans on them...
Then we can start timing them to see which ones can chill six packs in the shortest amount of time.
That's a super cool idea... (no pun intended...)

Hmmm...a '53 Philco "V" handle.

Should I get blue...

Or red...
Or maybe I could get both of these... and a white one...then put them side by side and have a real Americana kitchen... nahh...that's too much.

A starburst clock for my 50's living room. Yes, it's on ebay right now. You can win it for 19 bucks. If you win it.

It's "Tempo Turquoise"

What else can you say?

Here's a fabric swatch I found called "Celestial aqua" Perfect for the drapes. Actually, I bought Nat a sewing machine for Christmas. I'm going to get some of this and have her make drapes out of it for the Travco. Last time I was in the travco, I was licking a chocolate ice cream in a cone, and the wind kicked up the (white) drapes and blew them into my chocolate ice cream. So now they're white with a brown spot drapes. This will be the perfect switch. George Jetson would certainly approve.